What kind of life do you want ?

What kind of life do you want?

We all want a life which has location freedom and financial security. But most importantly happiness in life or whatever I am doing in my life. We all want to be happy in life.

Life is never really about fame, money or even success or whatsoever related with materialistic lifestyle –  it is about happiness in what you are doing and even in meeting people or attending the family gatherings or spending time with your loved ones.

Yes it is true you need money but other than that, you need people to spend with. You might have everything in life of what the rich people have but if you have no people to spend it with then you will be lonely.

Thus, being lonely is okay sometimes but spending time with your loved ones is important too. We all should work in living our lives above the average person.

We need to be selfish at times but when it comes to our loved ones, taking a step back and looking after them is a must. Do things that make you happy. Travel, gather experiences and be friends with people and enjoy life cause at the end, happiness is all that matters.

Giving happiness to other people and sharing them is the only way to brighten up the world. You can do volunteering stuffs and do things for the needy people, the feeling of happiness comes along bright as the sun in your life.

Giving is the only way to get back the feeling which cannot be described from  a person. Well the kind of life that you want depends upon the work you do. You need to grind and hustle to get the life you want. You need to work harder and be ambitious towards your goal.

Also have patience on the work or the goal you are trying to achieve. Hence after all taking baby steps towards our goals is the only way to get what we want.

We also need to focus on our happiness and try being happy in whatever we are doing unless it is good because doing bad things is nothing but a sin and we should stay away from it.

Also try to stay positive and calm throughout your journey as everyone has a different journey and we need to respect everyone’s journey towards the search of life. And trust me, you will figure everything out, just have patience and keep doing what you are doing, good luck.

Everybody has their own healing process and it does not matter how long does it take for you to heal because at some point, you will heal and everything will be fine, trust me.

Okay, hope the search of your life has started and you are trying your best because you deserve better. Best of luck and goodbye!

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