How We See Things


Wisdom is the power to act and think using wisdom, insight, experience, knowledge and common sense. Wisdom is closely related to personal qualities such as insight, empathy, honesty, compassion and non- attachment, and moral virtues such as patience, generosity and beneficence.

It is not easy to achieve this because it involves a lot of practice and self-discipline. It requires commitment and dedication to live an ethical life. Wisdom is not just a human concept, but it is a universal one that can be found in all cultures.

We all have the natural capacity to have wisdom, but it takes practice and development to become wise. This is very much similar to the process of becoming a parent. It does not happen overnight.

You have to practice to become a parent, read books, go to seminars and attend workshops, etc. In the same way, you have to learn how to have wisdom in your life. The more you practice, the more powerful your intuition becomes.

Wisdom and self growth are interrelated. One without the other will not lead to a better or more developed person. This is a must for every human being to develop self growth and wisdom.

The key to having wisdom is to maintain the right kind of relationship with what you learn from experience and wisdom is one way to do this.

Another important aspect of wisdom is to maintain a balance in our lives. It means that you cannot live your life completely according to your passions. You also cannot take your emotions and whims into account.

They are not good for you and they cannot be relied on. Your decisions should always be based on the wisdom of your actions.

Wise people have no regrets and do not fear what they did not do. They look at things from different perspectives. They think of the future and their actions. They do not allow emotion and irrational thoughts to cloud their judgment. They also do not get easily frustrated and give up, but instead remain calm and collected.

Wise people make decisions based on facts, not emotions. They try to improve or enhance things around them and they are patient with other people.

These people try not to fall into the trap of egoism and the trap of vanity. They avoid negativity and fear and keep their wits about them and let go of their old fears.

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