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The term character is used in two ways, that is, in reference to a certain individual and to an abstract quality of a particular individual. It refers to a change from one state or form to another. Character in relation to human nature is a generic term that includes all the physical, mental, spiritual and social characteristics of an individual. The essence of personality is the ability to adapt and change.

A character is a specific human nature, which includes the emotional, intellectual, moral, and ethical qualities of an individual. These qualities are present irrespective of the social situation or the environment. Character traits have no basis in nature, but can vary according to the circumstances and are influenced by the environment. The character traits of an individual vary according to his social, personal, and cultural background. They depend on the various social, psychological, and cultural influences, which have affected the individual.

Character traits are present in all individuals, irrespective of their social, cultural or religious backgrounds. Some character traits have their roots in nature. These roots include, such as, temperament, psychology, etc., others are acquired from the experiences of life. The mental traits are the result of social, intellectual, and social experiences. The spiritual traits are the result of the spiritual experiences, which also affect the mental and spiritual aspects of an individual.

There are different traits of a person. Some of these traits are negative, whereas others are positive. Some positive traits are inherited and some negative traits are self-inflicted. Positive traits make individual independent and responsible, whereas negative traits are considered as hindrances to success. In addition to these positive traits, an individual may be endowed with various psychological characteristics and may have an overall disposition, which includes a tendency towards aggressiveness, impulsivity, and impulsive tendencies. He may also possess positive and negative characteristics.

All these traits and other traits that characterize an individual have a relationship with other positive characteristics. Positive characteristics have a bearing on the characteristics of negative characteristics and vice versa. The more positive traits the better are the negative characteristics. Positive characteristics are the result of positive experiences. These experiences have given rise to positive character traits. It is said that the person becomes more moral and upright because of the positive character traits he has attained. Negative traits result from negative experiences.

The importance of character to human nature cannot be overestimated. It plays a very important role in the human progress. The human race is dependent upon human nature to its survival.

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