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Character Vs Ethics

The essence of any human being, according to the dictionary, is ‘character’. This word is derived from the Latin verb ‘capuit’ which means ‘to be able’. The dictionary further defines this concept to be “a mental quality or characteristic, which imparts to a person the capacity to do what is right.” Character is basically moral qualities, which are considered by humans to be ‘good’, and can only be judged positively or negatively.

Character, as an important part of any human life, is considered as the foundation or basis of moral value. Morality refers to the norms of conduct that are based on the nature and values of a human being. A moral quality is a certain quality or trait which is considered to be moral, and is valued as being a basis of moral goodness and principle.

All physical, mental and spiritual qualities of human beings are based on character. Character is a mental attribute that a human possesses, which influences the way he thinks, behaves towards others.

According to the dictionary, the character is a certain attribute or quality of a person which influences the way he acts in accordance with his nature and values; character is an important component in human life because it is the basis for moral value. It is the quality or trait that a person’s nature and values determine or guide him in. Character is one of the most important parts of a person’s personality, because it determines the kind of behavior that he would adopt in different situations and circumstances.

Human nature is characterized by its unique qualities and characteristics. The traits and qualities vary from person to person. A person may possess all the qualities of a human being but his behavior may be different from that of another person. When a person adopts a specific behavior, he is exhibiting characteristic of his nature and values. The behavior will be determined by the nature and values of that particular person.

A character is considered to be the base or basis of ethics. Ethics is based on character because the character is the basis of reason. Reason is the basis of morals. Morals are based on character. The moral standards are the bases of justice.

In a nutshell, ethics and character are the two sides of human behavior. Ethics is based on character because the character determines a person’s nature and values and therefore a person’s ethics or character. If a person is not able to express his character, ethics and character will not be developed and he will not have good ethics and moral standards.

To develop character, a person has to act according to his nature and values. To develop ethics, a person has to act in accordance with the standards of his nature and values. A person is considered to be developing character or ethics when he acts in a manner that is consistent with his nature and values, and thus follows the ethical principles or standards of his nature and values.

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