The Tongue Is Small But Mighty

The Types Of Personality

There are three different types of character, but a character is a human being’s unique and internal nature, rather than his outward behavior. Each of the three types of human nature can be classified as either “good” or “bad” personality. Character traits that are classified as “good” personality are usually self-centered, greedy, self-righteous, and arrogant.

The first type of character is called “good” because he or she is kind, generous, friendly, and helpful. Characters in this type of nature generally have the character trait of kindness and compassion. These are usually the people that the people around them trust, respect, and admire. They may also be people who try to solve the problems that their friends and family face.

A bad personality may also be called “evil” and “unethical” because they are selfish, greedy, arrogant, and deceitful. Most of the characters in this category usually do not think things through properly and tend to take things too fast. This leads to conflicts between people. People of this kind of nature often hurt others. They also are not afraid to lie and deceive others so that they can get what they want.

The second character type is the personality trait of “bad” personality because he or she does not have any positive characteristics. Characters in this kind of nature generally lack compassion, kindness, and charity. They tend to be impatient and are not very sensitive. They may also be arrogant and dishonest.

Finally, there is the personality type of “evil” character because he or she lacks compassion, kindness, and charity. They tend to be greedy, deceptive, cruel, and vindictive. These characters are not very sensitive. They may even be very cruel and abusive to others and thus they are inhumane.

Humans have all three types of personality, or even more, within them. They may also be in a mixture of all the three types of character traits. If a person is born with a good character, good characteristics may be found in him. If the person is born with a good characteristic but lacks a bad characteristic, then the person may have a bad character and a good characteristic.

The tongue is small but mighty

The tongue is the smallest part of the body. It helps in tasting foods and representing them in greater aspect. The words that come out from the mouth with the help of tongue can be dangerous. The words can hurt more than the bruises gotten physically.

People say words hurt and can stay longer because we all remember what people say to us, their words hurt more than anything. It is said that you need to guard your mouth the most because of the things you say.

The tongue is the mightiest of them all even though it is the smallest member. You need to learn to be kind not only with your act but with words as well. Telling kind words and doing kind things is a must in today’s world cause kindness is what we need.

The only thing that matters is the way you talk back to things and people. You need to know about the things that words can do. Being able to control what your words say is a big thing and is necessary to know how to control it and only say what is needed to say.

The words especially is like a fire that will set up a flame in other people’s world. That is why we all need to think twice before we speak something to somebody. In religious aspects, tongue may carry sin if you speak hideous words.

You carry more sins through the words you speak on a daily basis to other people.

Hence, the only purpose of writing this article is to let you know that how much of your words can destroy other people’s lives. Plus you carry sins with it. That is why it is necessary to now what you are talking about with someone.

Be kind and know how to respond with kind words while speaking. Thus, hope you will be kind with your words along with your act. Kindness is the only way to win people’s hearts. Have a nice day and thank you!

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